Motive Mechatronics

Interactive robotics for the real world

Robots that Respond

Motive Mechatronics specializes in force controlled robotics, giving robots the ability to react to touch.

Force control has a broad applicability in projects involving human-centric robotics, ranging from assistive surgery to virtual reality to powered prothstetics.

Low Cost Arm

Have a tough problem?

Motive has industry experience in:

  • Control Systems - Torque/Force control, impedence control, cogging compensation
  • Actuator Design - Cycloid and Harmonic drives
  • PCB Design - DSP and power boards
  • Firmware - Texas Instruments C2000 family microcontrollers
  • System Modeling - Dynamics and Kinematics; linear systems; URDF and DH parameterization
  • Software - Multiplatform developement in C, C++, and Python

Rapid Prototyping

Motive has a fully equiped machine and electronics shop. Facilities include:

  • 3-axis CNC
  • Lathe
  • MIG/TIG Welder
  • 3D Printer
  • Laser Cutter
  • Precision Soldering Station
We also have a grinder


Motive provides robotic expertise to companies and universities looking to expand their reach in interactive robotics.