Motive is a San Francisco based company specializing in cutting edge robotic prototyping, with strong expertise in robotic engineering, including mechanical, electrical, and control systems design.

Lee Magnusson

Lee is a second-generation engineer and business owner who prior to founding Motive was Chief Roboticist at Meka Robotics until it’s acquisition by Google. He has worked in fields ranging from energy to materials to robotics. Lee holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from MIT where he patented a leading robotic ankle prosthetic.

Andy Metzger

Andy was a foundational employee in the first days of Meka Robotics where he was design lead for several systems including a 2 leg bipedal robot, 5-DoF anthropomorphic hand, tactile sensor skin, and an omnidirectional mobile robotic platform. Andy holds a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley with a focus on mechanical design.

Doug Johnston

Doug brings software and leadership experience, having most recently founded Prism Skylabs where he led the company’s research and development. Prior to that, he was a researcher at NASA/JPL. Doug holds a Masters in Computer Science from Stanford where he worked on autonomous cars for the DARPA Urban Challenge.